Sunday, December 12, 2010


The question is...based on Newton's Laws what will happen to a roller if you increase its mass. Will it go further? Will it go faster? Why? (you must be starting it the same every time)

How does a balloon go across the room? Which of Newton's Laws best describes what is going on?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trebuchet facts & fun

Here are some links to investigate trebuchets

Trebuchet Challenge

NOVA from PBS...try to destroy the castle

Some basic reminders

Warwick castle

Dragonfly TV episode

Thinkquest history & physics

Butler CC basic tips

Friday, October 8, 2010


from a David Warlick blog post

Relationship with educatorsStudents are employees, required to obediently follow instructions.Learners are citizens with a vested interest in the learning society.
Relationship with other “Students”Students are competitorsLearners are collaborators
MotivationObligation: Students are culturally obliged to work for the teacher & for compensation(below)Responsibility: Learners are motivated by an understood and realized “value” in their work, especially when it is valuable to others.
CompensationInstitution defined grades and gateways to college (another institution) and a good job (another institution)A sense of ongoing accomplishment that is not delivered but earned, and not symbolic but tangible and valuable — an investment.
Mode of OperationCompliant, group-disciplined, objective-oriented, and trainablePersevering, self-disciplined, group- and goal-oriented, resourceful, and learning in order to achieve rather thanachieving learning.
Equipped..with packaged knowledge and tools for recording packaged knowledge — prescribed and paced learning..with tools for exploring a networked variety of content, experimenting with that content, and discovering, concluding, and constructing knowledge — invented learning
AssessmentMeasuring what the student has learned.Measuring what the learner can do with what has been learned.

One of the problems that I struggled with, as I was writing and ordering these qualities was that I wanted to put assessment, for the student, at the top of the list — and assessment, for the learner, at the bottom. For the student, assessment is king, in very much the same way that quality control is such a critical part of the manufacturing processes. But assessment, for learners, is much less obvious, and at the same time, it is much more integral to the learning. Assessment for classrooms of learners is the enormous amounts of qualitative data that is collected by the teacher (and other students) on a minute-by-minute bases.
Assessment is also, and this is what I find most interesting, not a “right” or a “wrong” — a check (√) or an X. It is a simple self-asked question, “Did that work?”

Which are you in Physics? other classes? Are we evolving? Which is better? Which is Mr.Shircliff?  Which does he want you to be?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Projectile Motion

Check out this website & watch the 4 minute video as a primer for Projectile Motion

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